Why Whole House Generators and Why is the Summer a good time to really think about them?

Whole house generators not only come with numerous advantages, but they come with giving you and your household a peace of mind.  Living in Rochester, NY we are sure to see nasty winter storms as well as some wild summer storms.  With about 50% of all power outages caused by big storms, with lightening, rain, snow and wind, generators are an important consideration while living in Rochester.  

Why should I get a whole house generator and not a portable generator?

Although portable generators come in handy and are beneficial, whole house or standby generators come with more advantages. For one, they bring automatic power to your home.  As soon as the generator senses that the power is out, it boots up in about 20-30 seconds.  Since it is automatic, you can be away and not have to worry about damage to your home. Pipes freezing and bursting during the winter, food spoiling during the 90 degree heat: all things to consider!

Second, these generators can power as much as you need. Meaning, you have the ability to power your entire home if need be. For instance, if it is the middle of the month and the heat needs to be on, the generator will have the ability to power the entire home with heat.  On the other hand, portable generators are only capable of powering some of the home and choosing which area is a priority can be challenging.

Lastly, whole house generators can run as long as you need them.  Since they run off of natural propane or gas, they have the ability to run without having to be refilled.  Portable generators on the other hand, have to be refilled like a car limiting the amount of time it is able to power your home.

Now, I see the advantages, but why should I consider installing my whole house generator in the summer?

Well, living in Rochester, NY we might see a sprinkle or the occasional harsh summer storm, but majority of our harsh weather happens in the winter.  Therefore, installing your standby generator in the summer is a proactive move. Deciding to install your generator amidst the harsh weather might mean rushing the process without exhausting all options and finding the correct generator for your household.  Further, summer is ideal for pouring concrete, trenching, landscaping and drilling holes, all things your Great Lights contractor might have to do, but we can give you more details depending on your situation!  

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