Safety Inspection

Safety Inspection

Did you buy a new house and want to make sure all the electrical is up to code and safe for you and your family? Or are you remodeling and discovered there's more hidden electrical problems than you thought in your home? Perhaps you're spending more time inside this winter and got to thinking about the safety of your electrical systems. It's always a good time to get a safety inspection done on your home. Great Lights Electric offers a 50pt safety inspection where we go through each room checking for potential electrical problems.

Some of the things that we check include:

  • Are all outlets grounded 3 wire type?
  • Are there 2 circuits for kitchen outlets and is the microwave on its own dedicated circuit?
  • Is there GFI protection in all required areas?
  • Is all A/C and furnace wiring done correctly and safely?
  • Is there a main surge-suppression device

When checking, we will circle 'good condition, area of concern or safety hazard' to help you get a better idea of areas that need attention in your home.

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