Light Switches or Outlets

It can be very frustrating when a switch or outlet suddenly stops working in your home.

If your light switch is not working it can be one of two things.  Either the switch is bad or the wiring behind it is faulty. If your light has been flickering there may be a deeper problem. If your light won’t come on at all there may be something wrong in the circuit and it is smart to call a professional rather than trying to troubleshoot if yourself.

An outlet may stop working for a variety of reasons. It could be a blown fuse or a deeper problem. If an outlet is older it may become faulty, getting damaged due to loose parts or dust particles settling inside. Outlets can also burn out and become a fire hazard. Stop using the outlet for the time being and give Great Lights Electric a call so we can safely look into the problem for you!

New home electrical issues

If you recently bought a new house, your inspector will probably have found some electrical issues. This may include electric that is not up to code, improperly wired switches, service panel problems, ungrounded outlets and missing smoke detectors. Call Great Lights Electric and we will check out your problems and help provide a solution.

No power to part of your home

Another issue we see frequently is when you have no power to part of your house, but the breaker isn’t tripped. This could be from a few different issues: your circuit could be overloaded, there could be a problem with the wiring or there may be an issue with your circuit breaker. We can troubleshoot and fix your issue.

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"Need to hire again. Great people to work with."

Outlet Repair

"What I appreciated about working with Great Lights Electric is how honest and friendly everyone I worked with was. They explained everything I needed to know and was timely when I needed them to show up."

Outlet Repair

"Great price and great troubleshooting. Stayed several hours to identify problem and fix it."

Light Switch Repair