Why are they important?

The electrical panel regulates electricity pulsing through your home. Older homes may have fuses instead of breakers; however, fuses probably are not the best option for your home.  Fuses typically can handle about 60 amps. With today’s technology and growing use of electricity this is not enough energy. While all the appliances and gadgets using electricity in your home are becoming more energy efficient, your electrical system may not be able to keep up. In general, upgrading your panel allows for more energy flow and more convenience and safety for you as a homeowner! This is when you can a professional electrician, and Great Lights Electric can help you decide if you should upgrade your panel, and we will educate you on the process and how you as a homeowner will benefit.


Safety is always on your mind as a homeowner. Overloading a fuse causes risk for fire, and it is not difficult to overload a fuse with the constant new and growing technology in this age. Older homes have older electrical systems that may not be designed to support the number of amps you are using in your home.  When your system becomes overloaded, it is important that your breakers trip and turn off to prevent the danger of fire. In many older homes, your breakers may not be properly working, or they may be constantly tripping as your technology is demanding more electricity than your system is able to handle.

Some "Danger" Signs to Look Out For

  • Flickering lights or lights dimming while using multiple outlets or technologies simultaneously
  • The need to turn off appliances to use another appliance
  • Breakers are tripping often, or you notice smoke or a strange smell
  • Corrosion or rust on your circuit breaker 
  • Appliances Running Inefficiently
  • Use of Extension Cords

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Upgraded Electrical Panel

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Upgraded Electrical Panel

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Upgraded Electrical Panel